Of being a beautiful girl and a rogue soon to-be father

Sometimes being a beautiful girl is not the prettiest thing in the world. This past weekend I got to spend my first weekend at my second house in nakuru.. I thought that i would be a silent weekend, until i got a visit from Mr. X.. I thought i he’d stay at my house for a couple of minutes then leave. Oh was i wrong :-(.. A brief introduction to Mr. X is an actuarial scientist who works at some insurance in Nakuru Town… I met him a couple of days ago when i asked him to change my bulb. He looked harmless and i thought he did it because he was being friendly. Clearly all that glitters is not gold. 

The conversations starts all innocent until, talking of general issues.. My dreams, how he started his life in Kaloleni, how he’s the macho man and how he defied his parents so that he can start his life ‘independently’.. All this while am thinking this stories are ending up to a dead end.. I then pull a trigger and ask him what he’s doing in my house and yet his wife is pregnant and almost due. His justification got to win an Oscar for dummies. He goes on saying that he called his girlfriend to come and stay with him as he provided for her every need through the pregnancy and there after if they should part ways, he’d take care of them.

I’ve never had a guy objectify a woman like that.. I felt sorry for the girl on the other end. I mean, how do you let your guy see other girls in your presence, even though  the guy claims “huyo hana shida, we are past jealous stage”. He then goes on and promises a whole load of empty promises and all this effective after the wife has left for school in august.. A trip to Naivasha, a game drive to lake Nakuru and a whole bunch of promises in order to get me to sleep with him.. Sometimes, being a beautiful girl loosely translates to a gullible and naive girl.


Verdict: To all beautiful girls: Put all your lighters up



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Feeling quite Thoughtful today

Being an introvert has most perks that most people don’t understand.. So i got this from a certain website.. Now  (most) if not all the points  refer to me

30 Problems That Only Introverts Will Understand. #17 Is So True It Hurts.

1. Practicing conversations with people you’ll never talk to.

2. When you want to cut all ties to civilization but still be on the internet.

3. When your friend wants to invite more people over, and you don’t want to sound like a bad person by saying no.

4. When spending a heavenly weekend alone means that you’re missing out on time with friends.

5. And you fear that by doing so, you are nearing ‘hermit’ status.

6. When your ride at a party doesn’t want to leave early, and no one seems to understand your distress.

7. Trying to be extra outgoing when you flirt so your crush doesn’t think you hate them.

8. That feeling of dread that washes over you when the phone rings and you’re not mentally prepared to chat.

9. When you have an awesome night out, but have to deal with feeling exhausted for days after the fact.

10. People saying “Just be more social.” 

11. When you’re able to enjoy parties and meetings, but after a short amount of time wish you were home in your pajamas.

12. Staying up late every night because it’s the only time that you can actually be alone.

13. People making you feel weird for wanting to do things by yourself.

14. Having more conversations in your head than you do in real life.

15. The need to recharge after social situations.

16. People calling you out for day dreaming too much. 

17. Carrying a book to a public place so no one will bug you, but other people take that as a conversation starter.

18. People interrupting your thoughts, and you get irrationally angry.

19. Having to say “I kind of want to spend some time by myself” when you have to deal with that friend that always wants to hang out.

20. When you’re asked to do a group project, and know that you’re going to hate every minute of it.

21. When you hear the question “Wanna hang out?”, and your palms start to sweat with anxiety.

22. When you hear, “Are you OK?” or “Why are you so quiet?” for the umpteenth time.

23. Having visitors stay with you is a nightmare, because it means you have to be on at ALL TIMES.

24. When people stop inviting you places because you’re the one that keeps canceling plans.

25. Being horrified of small talk, but enjoying deep discussions.

26. When you need to take breaks and recharge after socializing for too long.

27. The requirement to think introspectively rather than go to someone else with your problems.

28. Not wanting to be alone, just wanting to be left alone. And people not understanding that.

29. When people mistake your thoughtful look for being shy, or worse, moody.

30. That people need to know that you aren’t mad, depressed or anti-social. You just need to not talk to anyone for a while. And that’s okay.

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